December 2 – Winter Spirits by Katherine Hoover

Katherine Hoover, born on this day in 1937, is an American composer and flutist living in New York. Winter Spirits is influenced by the sounds of Native American music, specifically the Hopi tribe of the American Southwest. An accomplished flutist herself, Hoover’s music capitalizes on the unique characteristics of the instrument, weaving together themes that are at times playful and at other times soaring.

Performed by Dorion Burkett

November 16 – 8 Stücke by Hindemith

Paul Hindemith, born on this day in 1895, is one of the most significant composers of the early 20th century. His music is described in relation to musical movements including late romanticism, expressionism, and neoclassicism always putting his own spin on the values of each style. The 8 Pieces for solo flute demonstrate Hindemith’s depth of knowledge of the idiomatic tendencies of the instrument and his ability to craft beautiful and tonal melodies from non-diatonic pitch sets.

Performed by Emily Stumpf

Oct 23 – Four Prayers by Rorem, II. Second Prayer

Ned Rorem, born on this day in 1923, has been called “the world’s best composer of art songs.” This affinity for melody is clear in Four Prayers for flute and piano. Christopher Chaffee is the Professor of Flute at Wright State University and great friend of the University of South Carolina Flute Studio. His album Four Prayers is available from Open G Records.

Performed by Christopher Chaffee, flute and Joshua Nemith, piano.

May 29 – Andalouse by Émile Pessard

Émile Pessard was born on this day in 1843. Pessard was mainly known for his operas and masses and the Andalouse certainly employs the composer’s familiar, singing style. The piece was originally written as part of a collection of 25 works for piano but lends itself easily to performances that include a soloist playing the beautiful melody. The title probably refers to the Andalucia region of southern Spain.
Performed by Jennifer Parker-Harley
Recorded by Jeff Francis

April 13 – Mollitude by Frederic Rzewski

Performed by Lauren Watkins (USC DMA ’16)

American composer and pianist Frederic Rzewski was born on this day in 1938. Mollitude for solo flute was composed in 2006 for Molly Barth, founding member of the new music sextet eighth blackbird. Mollitude showcases a wide range of possibilities on the flute from the lowest notes to the highest, fast virtuosic passages followed by extremely soft and delicate harmonic tones, and percussive sounds marked in the score as “(stomp)”.

March 17 – Sonata, III. Introspective by John LaMontaine

Performed by Jennifer Parker-Harley
Recorded by Jeff Francis

Born in Chicago on this day in 1920, John LaMontaine won both the Pulitzer Prize and the Guggenheim Fellowship during his long career. Varied influences can be heard in his works, from sounds of nature to jazz to medieval music and folk song. He said, “Part of my creed is that you should be interested in everything.” His most popular work for flute, the Sonata, shows his characteristic rhythmic vitality and jazz influence.

March 19 – Three Preludes by Robert Muczynski

Performed by Jennifer Parker-Harley
Recorded by Jeff Francis

Born on this day in 1929, Robert Muczynski was an American composer and pianist. His relatively small compositional outlook consists primarily of chamber works and piano pieces, although his compositions for flute are numerous and have become part of the standard repertoire for the instrument. The Preludes exhibit his sense of rhythmic vitality and the influence of jazz on his style.